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Why your choice in Wills is powerful

This election, Wills will be one of the most powerful electorates because unlike most of the country, in Wills the choice is not between Labor and Peter Dutton, but between Labor and the Greens.

That means we can turn Wills Green and send a powerful message to Labor that something has to change.

Both Labor and the Liberals are funded by coal and gas corporations and property developers. They’re working for their big donor mates, not our community.

But while they have big corporate donors, we have you.

With your support, our fighting fund will be able to invest in the massive people-powered movement we need to win here in Wills. We’ll use your generous contribution to invest in the resources and training we need to have thousands of vote-winning conversations with the community and deliver persuasive conversations to undecided voters.

Chip in today to power our movement to turn Wills Green.