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OUR Plan

The Greens’ plan will address the cost of living, housing and climate crises. Our plan will help people now, and set us on a pathway to a brighter future for all of us.

Our policy platform is bold, comprehensive and independently costed. We are fighting for a future where we make big corporations pay their fair share of tax and fund the things that everyone needs. 

Renewable Energy Icon

Strong climate action; stop Labor’s new coal and gas

Coal and gas are fuelling the climate crisis, but Labor is backing more. There are 116 coal and gas projects in the pipeline. The Greens have stopped around half of them, but since getting into government, Labor has continued to approve more. We must stop them opening the rest. 

Labor is ruining your future so that their coal, oil and gas donors can make billions in profit. Both major parties take millions in donations from coal, oil and gas corporations and give them billions in public handouts. We need to keep people safe by taking strong climate action now.  

  • Stop new coal and gas
  • End the billions in handouts to coal and gas corporations
  • Electrify homes and businesses and invest in large scale publicly owned renewable energy to power the nation and cut energy costs for everyone
  • Back coal and gas communities to transition to new jobs
Housing Icon

Fix the housing crisis; freeze and cap rents, build affordable homes

In a wealthy country like Australia, everyone should have a secure, affordable home. Under Labor, too many people can’t afford to buy a home and are struggling to pay their rent or mortgage. Labor is spending $74 billion over the next decade on tax handouts to wealthy property investors, ignoring renters and isn’t building enough public homes to address the crisis we’re in. The Greens have a plan for serious reform of the housing system.

  • Freeze and cap rents
  • Stop interest rate increases  
  • End billions in public handouts to property investors that stop renters buying their first home
  • Urgently build public, community and affordable homes 
  • Build homes to sell and rent at affordable rates 
  • Increase funding for homelessness support services
Price Gouging Icon

Take on the big supermarkets, tax big corporations and stop price gouging

The big corporations are blatantly price gouging.While they charge you more and more, they’re posting billions in profits. On top of that, 1 in 3 big corporations pays no tax. Labor has the power to rein them in, but both major parties take millions in donations from big corporations. They’re letting them get away with it. The Greens are fighting for you. We will hold big corporations to account, tax them and deliver the services everyone needs.

  • Make big corporations pay their fair share of tax
  • Give the consumer watchdog the power to break up the big supermarkets if they keep price gouging
  • Axe billions of dollars in handouts to the coal, oil and gas giants that are driving the climate crisis
Medical Icon

Dental and mental health into Medicare, stop the crisis in our public hospitals, strong NDIS

Right now looking after our health is getting more expensive, and too many of us can’t afford to access the basics, like dental or mental health care. Our health services are significantly underfunded and undervalued. The Greens plan prioritises fixing our health services so everyone can get the care they need, when they need it.

  • Make dental and mental health care free as part of Medicare
  • Properly fund public hospitals
  • Properly fund aged care and phase out for profit services that fail older people
  • Ensure health and aged care workers are properly paid

Disabled people have a right to live full and active lives. Successive Liberal and Labor governments have perpetuated discrimination of disabled people, often denying them access to inclusive education, meaningful employment and adequate services. The Greens will remove the barriers, fix the systems, and eliminate the structural discrimination disabled people face.

  • Fully resource the NDIS so it meets the needs of disabled people, their families and carers
  • Create an Accessible Infrastructure Fund
  • Implement the Liveable Housing Australia Silver Standard
  • Ensure disabled people are at the centre of decision-making, policy and planning
Education Icon

Free education for life

Education is too expensive. From early childhood, through to school, TAFE & university, education should be free, no matter who you are. We’ve had it before and we can do it again. The Greens want to ensure everyone can access world-class education from early childhood, through school to TAFE and Uni.

  • Wipe student debt
  • Ensure Free TAFE and Uni
  • Restore the public TAFE system
  • Ensure free early childhood education and childcare
  • Ensure we have fully funded public schools that meet everyone’s needs
  • Make sure there is better pay and conditions for teachers and educators
Equality Icon

Equality for all: freedom from harassment & discrimination

All of us deserve to feel safe and have equal opportunities in life, no matter our background, religion, ability, gender, sexuality, income or postcode. Labor is backing policies that exclude, disadvantage or vilify people just because of who they are. The Greens plan for Equality and Justice for All will help make sure everyone can live a good life.

  • End violence against women
  • Champion LGBTIQA+ rights
  • Establish a national anti-racism strategy
  • Strengthen anti-discrimination laws, including anti-discrimination protections for religious communities and people of faith

Protect the environment and animals

Our environment is in crisis. The Great Barrier Reef is dying, the Murray Darling Basin is collapsing, and our native forests are being torn up. Labor is taking donations from the big corporations driving the crisis and approving more destructive projects. The Greens have a plan to protect the environment and animals.

  • Stronger environment laws
  • Stop the extinction crisis
  • Fund First Nations people caring for Country
  • Protect the Great Barrier Reef
  • End native forest logging
  • National laws to end animal cruelty
  • Ban live exports
First Nations Icon

Truth, Treaty, Justice for First Nations people

Now is the time for Truth, Treaty and Justice. Last year’s referendum campaign clearly demonstrated the need to have an honest and informed discussion about our shared history so we can speak the truth, heal and move forward together through Treaty or Treaties and the affirmation of First Nations Sovereignty – which has never been ceded. We have an opportunity to do things differently in this country by starting that process now.

The Greens are committed to the ongoing fight for transformative change. We are fighting alongside First Nations elders, activists and campaigners to:

  • Establish a Truth & Justice Commission
  • National,  grassroots-led consultation process for Treaty
  • Act on deaths in custody
  • Enact the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous People
  • Bring justice to members of the Stolen Generations
  • Raise the age and keep kids out of prison
Gaza Icon

End the invasion of Gaza, end the occupation

The Greens are fighting, alongside the community, for a permanent ceasefire in Gaza, to stop the violence and end the occupation. Labor not only backs Israel’s invasion and occupation, they approve military exports to Israel. Last year alone, the Albanese Government signed off on 52 military export permits to Israel, plus over 350 since 2017. We must do everything we can to work with the International community and demand peace.

  • An end to the invasion and genocide in Gaza
  • The release of hostages and political prisoners
  • An immediate and permanent ceasefire
  • An end to the occupation of the Palestinian territories
  • Immediate stop military exports to Israel
  • Increase Australia’s aid budget
Inequality Icon

Tackle poverty & inequality; lift jobseeker, youth allowance and the pension

Too many people live in poverty in this country and inequality is spiralling out of control. Leaving people to struggle is an active political choice; it doesn’t need to be this way. We could prioritise delivering a stronger safety net for everyone, so that no one is left behind.

  • Lift all income supports so that no one has to live in poverty. This covers: Age Pension, JobSeeker Payment, Youth Allowance, Parenting Payment, Carer’s Payment, Disability Support Pension, ABSTUDY, AUSTUDY and Crisis Payments
  • Lower the pension age back to 65
  • Abolish punishments in our social security system
Justice Icon

Justice for refugees & asylum seekers, support migrants and multiculturalism

Everyone should be able to live without fear of racial violence or discrimination in our multicultural society. Too often Australia’s leaders have fuelled racism and anti-immigrant sentiment and people seeking asylum have been the subject of cruel treatment by both the Labor and Liberal parties. This needs to stop.

The Greens plan actively tackles racism, provides stronger protections and aims to treat people with the respect and dignity they deserve.

  • A national anti-racism strategy
  • Establish a Federal Multicultural Commission to embrace cultural and religious diversity
  • End offshore detention and support refugees and people seeking asylum
  • Abolish temporary protection visas and reintroduce permanent protection
  • Increase Australia’s humanitarian intake per year 
  • Faster, fairer, and more affordable family reunion visa system that actually reunite families
Work Icon

Create well-paid secure jobs, defend your rights at work

Everyone deserves a secure job, with good pay, but wages are too low and not keeping up with the cost of living. Too many people are unable to keep their head above water. The Greens will rewrite the labour laws to give working people more power, outlaw insecure work and increase wages. We will improve rights for women, and end the gender pay gap, so workplaces are fairer and safer.

  • End insecure work
  • Raise the minimum wage
  • Give workers more power to win pay rises
  • Close the gender pay gap
  • The Greens just secured laws to ensure you have the Right to Disconnect outside work hours