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Join the Fight to Turn Wills Green


I have dedicated my life to fighting for our community. For over a decade, I have represented this community on council, as the mayor and in state parliament.

And today I’m so excited to be announced as the Greens candidate for Wills at the next election.

I’ve put my hand up to run in Wills because, everywhere I go, people tell me they are disappointed in Labor for betraying our values and leaving people to struggle.

This government has refused to cap rents, given billions in handouts to wealthy property investors that are stopping renters buying their first home, approved new coal and gas projects, backed the invasion of Gaza, and spent $348 billion on nuclear submarines while people struggle to afford food.

Labor could be doing more to address the crises we face, but they’re choosing not to.

Both Labor and the Liberals are funded by coal and gas corporations and property developers. They’re working for their corporate donor mates, not our community.

This is our election to change that. If Labor are re-elected here in Wills, we will just get more of the same.

But if we can turn Wills and 1 more seat Green, we’ll be in the balance of power – pushing Labor to take on the big corporations to bring down the cost of living, to freeze and cap rents and mortgages, to stop the invasion of Gaza, and to ensure no more coal and gas.

We need to change just 1-in-10 votes to turn Wills Green. 

Change is possible. Sign up now using the form below and join me in the fight!

In solidarity,

Samantha Ratnam
Your Greens candidate for Wills